Lesmahagow Church

Lesmahagow Old Church

The Church

The church is centrally located off the village´s main street, Abbeygreen, near the local shops. On its south side are the ruins of Lesmahagow Priory, the old graveyard lies to the north and its west facade opens onto Church Square.

It was constructed in 1804, and the apse was added in the 1890s, giving it its basilican appearance. It is rectangular in plan, with its bell tower - which incorporates the steeple and clock - located above the main entrance on the west side. The chapter house and ancillary rooms were built in 1934. Its beautiful Brindley and Foster three-manual pipe organ (built in 1889) was refurbished in 2007.

The ground floor is made of timber, and there are stone/marble mosaic tiles in the raised chancel, which contains an ornately carved timber pulpit and circular seating area. The church is a category B listed building with stained-glass windows.

Interior of Coalburn Parish Church

Interior of Lesmahagow Church