The Zone

The Zone

Because of current restrictions, no meetings of the Zone are planned for the present. The section below shows what happened in the past.

The Zone meets in Coalburn Church Hall on a Wednesday evening from 6-7pm; we have a healthy attendance of 13 children each week, ranging from 3 to 11 years.

Each week we read a story, with a question and answer session to ascertain who´s been listening, and there´s always a craft, whether it´s making a stone into a frog, a stained glass window cross, memory verses, placemats or decorating biscuits. Anything with glitter and glue goes down a treat!

We also try to let the children experience how it may have felt for the people involved in the stories, by letting them discuss times they themselves may have felt lonely or scared and needed God with them.

Sometimes we act out a scene from the story. We have let them experience what happened at the Last Supper, by having their very own.

And you would be amazed at how much fun can be had with a packet of red spots, sticking them onto each other as part of the Plague of Boils lesson.

At the end of the night we sit on the floor in a circle to say prayers. Each week we have either a "Please Help", "Thank You" or "Sorry" prayer, although the sorry prayer seems to be the most popular. Even the youngest have become experts and know what to do.

Due to the Hall being used later on one Wednesday each month by another organisation, we have a games night and where possible we try to fit our theme into games or we may just take part in skipping, bean bag races, frog jumping and loads more, even the adults join in (the children think this is funny).

Here are some of the lessons we have covered;

We try to leave some of our craft work out so that it can be seen on a Sunday.