It's a Changed World

Dear Friends,

‘Coronavirus’, ‘Covid-19’, ‘Lockdown’, these are just a few words which were unknown to us until recently; they are new words. They are new words which bring concern for all, for some they bring worry, and for others even fear.

We have to cope with constant news updates giving us what seems like information overload and increasing anxiety levels.

We have to deal with changes to our lives and our daily living never experienced in living memory. Who could ever have imagined it possible that there would come a time when Church buildings are closed for worship; for funeral services; for meetings? Our churches cannot even open to allow a sanctuary for prayer.

We now have a new reality. Everything is different. Everything has changed almost overnight.

Yes, everything is different, so much has changed, but amongst all the changes there is one constant: God! His care, His concern and His love for us never changes, something the Psalmist reinforces. In Psalm 136 the last line of every verse is: “His love endures for ever”. Let us remember that.

Of course, church buildings are closed but we as the church community are very much open. Some years ago, the Church of Scotland promoted the idea of ‘the Church without Walls’. We now, personally, have the opportunity to be that church. We now have time to think of ‘church’ in a different way.

As well as enjoying our garden, reading books we never had time to read before, writing the cards and letters we meant to write but never had the chance, let us also use that time to keep in touch with others. Let us be the friendly voice on the end of the phone.

Above all, let use our time to pray, to sit quietly with God, to rest in His presence and to keep in touch with Him. In these challenging days, we are encouraged to “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10.)

Our routine may have changed. Our world may have changed, but God has not. For a changed world, the words of St Theresa of Avila come to mind, words that speak to us today:

Let us Pray.

Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing distress
While all things pass away
God is unchanging
Be Patient for with God in your heart
Nothing is lacking
God is enough.

May God bless each one of us.